Do you offer a fixed price quote?

Yes. We provide itemized quotes and a fixed price.

Do you offer help choosing colours?

Yes, and we have a colour consultant to help.

Can you manage complete makeovers?

Yes, we are able to organize electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers, cleaners, gardeners and flooring experts. We can also refer to a trusted network of specialists, including licensed builders.

What are you doing about Covid-19 precautions?

We follow all the guidelines recommended by the government and take all precautions. We continue to update ourselves and fulfil our duty of care.

Are you concerned about onsite safety?

Totally. We have a risk management policy for all tasks, including for routine ladder-work, scaffolding, and use of harnesses. We clean up and pack away on site every day to protect householders, children, pets and the general public.

Do you offer a warranty?

South Australia Painting services offers a 5 year workmanship warranty, not including normal wear and tear or damage caused by extreme weather events, accident or abuse.

How do you invoice longer term projects?

Output updates are provided by South Australian Painting Services, which includes costs of work completed and budgeted costs for work scheduled.

Do you work to schedule?

Yes, and we anticipate problems before they occur (such as co-ordinating with other tradies around the established order and sequence of activities) by communicating with all parties.

Can you work odd hours?

Yes, we are flexible and can work in the evenings or nights e.g. to suit shift workers

We are always looking to improve the industry standard