South Australian Painting Services aims to be fair and highly principled in all our dealings; honest and security conscious. We take great care of all real estate and our objective is to work in a co-creative way with corporate bodies, builders and with property managers in serving the best interests of our customers and to meet all the continuing obligations of the company.

South Australian Painting Services is dedicated to providing fair and equal opportunities to job applicants and to its’ employees.

As South Australia recovers from the economic effects of the Coronavirus, we resolve to link-in more with communities, help out where we can and be of service.

We abide by a strong code of ethics and are always striving to raise the painting industry crossbar to a level of excellence. The whole team shares Tristan’s passion and enthusiasm for painting as an instrument for transformation.

We honour the Original inhabitants of this land and hope to offer future prospects to young people from Indigenous communities.

Who We Are

Painting and decorating is not just a job for South Australian Painting Services. It is also a medium for transformation. Whether you are upgrading a property, or enhancing the saleability of a property, our intention and mission is to serve you. To South Australian Painting Services, the client’s home is their ‘castle.’ Protecting your home in addition to the locale and wildlife is foremost on our agenda. Our team is committed to providing transparent communication, attention to detail and will only ever use top-quality paints including eco-friendly products.

We love to see our clients’ faces light up when they see the finished product for the first time
- Tristan Baldey, Director

Meet The Team


Tristan Baldey


Tristan Baldey, commenced his Painting and decorating apprenticeship in 2004 with a local painting firm, and completed his apprenticeship at Gilles Plains campus of TAFE in 2008. With over sixteen years of painting experience, Tristan is now a proud member of the Master Painters Association of South Australia.

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As the director of South Australian Painting Services and a background in team sport, Tristan knows a lot about working together as captain and coach. He inspires enthusiasm and teamwork among colleagues, who not only work for him but work with him and who share his ethos; so that they too may take pride and joy in their craft. Whether you’re selling a house, or moving into a new home, painting is a means for transformation. Tristan along with his team aim to raise the crossbar for industry standards and will strive for excellence in every aspect of their work.

It is not just a job, it is our passion”.


Sean Whyte


Sean has been involved in the painting industry for 10 years. After completing his Painting and Decorating apprenticeship in 2013 he gained his trade certificate at the Gilles Plains Campus.

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Sean has been working with Tristan and the South Australian Painting Services for two years as a site supervisor He thoroughly enjoys this role and finds it very rewarding. Throughout his career he has participated in a variety of projects around commercial new builds and domestic properties. Sean’s particular passion and specialist skill is showing the character of heritage homes in their best light, which came from opportunities to work on many heritage listed buildings, including old parliament house in the Adelaide CBD.

Sean is perfectionistic with his work; he raises the crossbar for trade skills and models high industry standards. Along with the South Australian Painting Service’s team Sean strives (quote): “To do the best we can each and every day to achieve the best result for our customers. My favourite part would have to be working on older homes and being able to bring them back to their former glory”.

Outside of work: “I enjoy fishing, playing a round of golf and spending time with my friends and family”


Yahya Asgari


Yahya has a natural talent for painting. His willingness to learn, and further develop his skills is an inspiration to the team.

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Yahya has been with us for eighteen months after coming over from a local painting business. He has proven to be reliable and trustworthy. His attention to detail and customer care makes him a highly valued member of the team.

Like Tristan. Yahya loves sport. He is an Adelaide United supporter, plays soccer for a community team and trains most nights.

As South Australian Painting Services implements its plan to include more trainee opportunities for younger people to enter the job market, It is envisioned Yahya will have a leadership role with the SAPS business.


Mahdi Asgari


Mahdi, the youngest member of the team is following in his older brother’s footsteps. Mahdi is currently completing his painting and decorating apprenticeship.

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He thrives on learning and perfecting the various techniques. He also has heaps of a natural talent and his love for painting shows in the results he achieves. He a valued member of the South Australian Painting Services team.

As a trainee with the South Australian Painting Services he maintains a positive attitude by embracing all the new challenges that comes with each new job. Mahdi is a perfectionist. His resolve is (quote) “to do the job right the first time.”

Mahdi is a proud supporter of Adelaide United. He enjoys computer games and he plays community soccer and volleyball.

A new paint colour is an opportunity for a fresh start & transformation