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For all your roof painting needs, SA Painting Services can help provide you with a smooth sailing process. We have worked a range of different projects from character homes to roof restorations and commercial properties.

Our process:

  1. Contact us
  2. On-site inspection
  3. Quote
  4. Book a date
  5. Receive ongoing project reports
  6. Job is completed
  7. Customer satisfaction

We can work in high-stress environments with strict timelines, working on television shows such as ‘House Rules’ and ‘Selling Houses’. Operating alongside one of Australia’s most well-known interior designers, Shayna Blaze.

We only take on work that we are fully qualified to perform as our objective is to produce excellent customer service, retaining the most efficient and cost-effective use of assets. Our roof painting reputation in Adelaide comes from the trust we have built between ourselves and our clients.

Roof Painting Adelaide

Roof Painting and Restoration in Adelaide

SA Painting Services are experts in roof painting and restoration in Adelaide, no matter if it is a tidy up or complete transformation. Strong attention to detail is what we are known for, which is why we use several steps to make sure we produce the best results for you.

Before beginning any work, we will carefully inspect your roof and confirm any repairs or extra work that may be required to ensure we can restore it to its highest potential in preparation for painting. If you have an iron roof, we will also look for any screws that have potentially weakened and replace them.

Primers and sealers are used to ensure all-out protection that guards against the outdoor elements.  Our roof painters Adelaide only use the best products, you can be certain your roof not only looks great but lasts for many years to come.

What are the Benefits of Painting your Roof?

Although roofing painting may not seem like a priority now, it must be well looked after overtime to ensure it lasts a lifetime for you and the next owners of your home. There is a range of benefits to investing in your roof which includes:

Increased street appeal: Over time the colour will begin to fade without you realising. Investing your time and money into a company like SA Painting Services will ensure high quality and long-lasting paint is used. A new coat of paint will freshen up the exterior of your home while also creating a new protection barrier to the outdoor elements.

Boosting the lifespan of your home: A fresh paint job will protect your roof from weakening due to the diffusion of moisture and leaks. It will also help to protect it from mould and mildew which is unappealing.

Bring your roof back to its former glory and consider high-quality roof painting in Adelaide by SA Painting Services! We have the expertise and qualification to make your roof look like new again. Call us today at 0490 179 248 to talk to our friendly team.

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